Common Goldeneyes Duck into View at Arkendo Park, Oakville

While merganser watching at Arkendo Park, I kept noticing a couple of rather nondescript female ducks diving steadily away near shore but a good few hundred metres from me. It wasn’t till I walked along the entire path beside Lake Ontario that I met the males and confirmed that these were Common Goldeneye.

Photo of Pair Common Goldeneye Arkendo Park Oakville January

The male Goldeneye, besides the very obvious yellow-gold eyes, has a head that looks black until the sun catches the feathers. Then it shades into irridescent green. It’s not as brightly green as a mallard, but it still looks sharp.

The females have quite an interesting two-toned beak. At first I thought I was imagining it, until I realized that ALL of the females had that glowing patch of yellow.

Photo of Common Goldeneye Pair Arkendo Park Oakville January

These ducks were diving steadily. A check at home of the information on the Cornell University site said that Goldeneye eat aquatic invertebrates. That didn’t exactly tell me what they were feeding on. So I checked a University of Michigan site. It said that although they eat aquatic insects during the breeding season, in the winter they more often live off of fish, crustaceans and mollusks. A bit more hunting around suggested that they will eat zebra mussels.

Photo of Goldeneye Juvenile or Female Arkendo Park Oakville January

I also discovered at home that the immature ducks look somewhat like the females. So possibly some of the Goldeneye I was watching were juvenile males, not females.

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Have you seen Common Goldeneye males try to wow the females with their heads? I haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll be watching for it. Please share your experiences with a comment.


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  1. the two drakes on the left were alternately trying to court the female by throwing their heads onto their backs. photographed on the Tsawwassen Ferry Causeway in Metro Vancouver. I sat on a boulder near the shoreline for a few minutes before they showed up and did the “head bobbing” bit.


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