The Mystery of the Two Walkingstick Insects

NewsFlash! This just in! The walkingstick with the green leg segments is a male Northern Walkingstick. The walkingstick with the all brown body is a female Northern Walkingstick. See my article Female Northern Walkingstick in Riverwood Park, Mississauga for more details.

These two photos are of two insects called walkingsticks.

Photo of Green Legged Walking Stick Probably Northern Walkingstick

One photo was taken near Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

The other was taken in Riverwood Park in Mississauga.

I n theory, in Canada there is only one type of walkingstick, the Northern Walkingstick. Yet these two guys look pretty different. Photo of Brown Walking Stick Eyeing Me Probably a Northern Walkingstick

One has only brown legs, one has some green legs. One has strong stripes on some of its legs, the other does not.

I’m checking into whether they are both Northern Walkingsticks or not. Stay tuned for a post with more details once I find out!

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