September Arrives With Swirls of Yellow

We’re having an unusually hot and humid start to September which has kept me out of the local parks except for brief strolls early or late in the day. I haven’t taken many photos that aren’t burdened by heavy shadows and dark silhouettes but I have found a few sunny subjects. Yellow seems to be the colour of the month so far.

Photo of sunflower possibly Jerusalem Artichoke on naturalcrooksdotcom
These Sunflowers have exploded in a tangle of blossoms and waving stems along the Credit River. They may be Jerusalem Artichokes.

Three Yellow Warblers Winging Through on Their Southern September Journey

Photo of Wilsons Warbler Male on naturalcrooksdotcom

Thank goodness that this Wilson’s Warbler is a male with the small black cap. My success rate at identification is way higher when birds offer a great clue like this.

Photo of Nashville Warbler on Goldenrod on naturalcrooksdotcom

There were three Nashville Warblers in various colour stages exploring amongst the goldenrod. I remember seeing them hunting in a similar manner last fall. When I got a clear look at the yellow under the tail, the white near the top of the legs, the eye ring and the grey head, I felt pretty sure I could call these Nashvilles. The behaviour is just as important. They like to pluck hard at the goldenrod, often making the stem shake and also like to balance on top while pulling insects out of the flowers.

Photo of Magnolia Warbler Lakeside Sept on naturalcrooksdotcom

Magnolia Warblers have streaks near the top of their legs and white feathers under their tails. At least two of these were alternating catching small flying gnat-like insects from the air, and dropping down into the goldenrods and shrubs to hunt under cover.

A Mystery Bird or Two to Puzzle Over

When the warblers sweep through in large groups, I often find myself only catching a glimpse of some of the birds for a second before they are gone from view. I try to take photos of each to increase my chances of identifying them. Some birds, like this one, baffle me.

Photo of confusing bird Lakeside Park on naturalcrooksdotcom

At the time this photo was taken, I was surrounded by over a dozen birds. Some were American Goldfinches, at least one was a Wilson’s Warbler, others were Tennessee and Nashville Warblers. There was at least one Magnolia. I really don’t know what this bird is. I’d like to see the bill in profile and some other clues would be helpful too. The tail pattern looks familiar but I haven’t had time to sort through my older photos to compare. Regardless of its name, it’s another yellow bird to join my September sightings.

Somehow I have ended up without any sharp photos of Goldenrod! I hope you can imagine some to complete this post. I’ll try for a photo later this week.

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