Comparison of Photo Crops of Red Breasted Merganser Males at Arkendo Park, Oakville, in January

I’m trying to figure out the best program to use to crop some recent photos of red breasted mergansers. I took a lot of photos at Arkendo Park in Oakville. The male mergansers are taking advantage of this quiet time on Lake Ontario to put on some pretty amusing (to humans) shows for the females. They chase each other across the surface of the lake, stiffen their necks like flagpoles, and then duck down so their chest is in the water, their neck and head are straight up, and their tail is out of the water and flared out.

I am sad to report that frankly the females were totally disinterested! They mostly kept fishing, though a few actually started preening and one fell asleep.

Anyway, I have two programs handy to crop these photos: Nero PhotoSnap and Photoshop Elements. So without further ado, here are two copies of the same photo.

Photo of Red Breasted Merganser Displaying at Arkendo Park Oakville Ontario January on NaturalCrooks Dot ComPhoto of Red Breasted Merganser at Arkendo Park Oakville Ontario January on Naturalc

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